Tea List

A continuously growing list of the teas I have tried and, eventually, the ones I wish to try.

‘s denote personal tasting preference.

– Interesting to try, but not to my tastes.
❋❋ – Quite alright now and then, but not something I would make a habit of drinking regularly.
❋❋❋ – Absolutely wonderful. I must stockpile this tea and put an armed guard on it.

➣ ➣  a tea which also has a review on this site.

Chinese Roasted Oolong (medium-oxidized Tie-Guan-Yin) ❋❋❋

Nepal Fikkal Estate SFTGFOP1 ❋❋❋

Bokel Estate TGFOP1 Assam ❋❋

Earl Grey Crème Vanilla ❋❋❋

Baker Street Afternoon Blend (Upton) ❋❋

Saint Isaac’s Blend (Upton) ❋❋❋

Midsummer Dream (Upton) ❋❋❋

Shawlands Estate BOP1 (Ceylon) ❋❋

Kopili Estate Assam

Devonshire Earl Grey 

➣ ➣ Vietnam Shan Tuyet 

Scottish Breakfast Blend 

➣ ➣ Turkish Style Blend 

Lavender Earl Grey 

Rwanda Rukeri Estate OP 

Yunnan Black Snail 

Hokonguri Estate TGFOP1 Assam 

Indonesia Java 

Pumpkin Spice (Stash Tea)

Breakfast In Paris (Stash Tea)

Capital of Heaven Keemun (Teavana)


Yamato Sencha ❋❋❋

First Grade Gunpowder Green ❋❋

Midsummer Dream (Upton) ❋❋❋

Japanese Cherry Bancha 

➣ ➣ Supersencha Kamakura 

China Oolong Se Chung 

Special Grade Temple of Heaven Gunpowder Green 

Chinese Silver Sprout 

Guayusa and Green (Stash Tea)

YMY 1690 Kukicha (Stash Tea)

Fusion Green and White (Stash Tea)

Emperor’s Clouds and Mist (Teavana)

Gyokuro Imperial (Teavana)

Jade Dragon Mao Feng (Teavana)

Pomegranate Magnolia White Tea 

Fusion Green and White (Stash Tea)

Spice of Life (Teavana)

Lavender Dreams (Teavana)

Body + Mind (Teavana)

China Oolong Se Chung 

Chinese Roasted Oolong (medium-oxidized Tie-Guan-Yin) ❋❋❋

Four Seasons (Teavana)

Spiced Mandarin (Teavana)

German Hearthside Chai Tea (Upton) ❋❋

Green Tea Chai Spice 

Double Spice (Stash Tea)

➣ ➣ China Pu-Erh Leaf ❋❋❋

** Red Tea is being used in reference to Rooibos tisanes as opposed to black teas

Berry Herb Blend (Upton) ❋❋

Brazilian Roasted Yerba Maté 

Holy Basil Purple Leaf 

South African Rooibos 

Guayusa and Green (Stash Tea)

China Jasmine Pouchong 

Osmanthus Tea (Guangxi Gui-Hua) 

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