Upton’s Turkish Style Blend

I’ve mentioned the Turkish Style Blend from Upton Teas on my tumblr before, so I thought I might as well write up one of these little snippets about it as well. It is such a good blend that it deserves a spot in the tea journal.
Someone asked me what tea I would choose if I could only drink one tea for the rest of my life (or something along those lines) and this was the one I picked. That was an exceedingly painful question to answer, mind you, and took quite a while. 

This is not an actual Turkish tea, but rather a blend of Ceylon teas meant to mimic the flavor. As I have never had any proper Turkish teas, I cannot speak of how well it does. However, I can tell you that the flavor of this cup is absolutely wonderful. The tea steeps to an amber liqueur that may trick you into thinking it is a very light black tea…which in a way, it is. Unlike most light teas, though, it is very robust. 
It possesses a smoky vanilla taste that is also present in the brewed and leaf scent. With this are several other flavors, including something slightly akin to caramel, that gives it a flavor very difficult to stop drinking. 
To be entirely too specific concerning the flavor: The first notes are of charcoal and vanilla, followed by a malty oolong flavor, and ends with a delightful sweetness and linger hint of caramel. TurkishStyleBlend-leaf
The first time I brewed it, I was distracted by something or other and left it far longer than it should have been, luckily this is one of those rare teas that does not become unbearably bitter when over-steeped.  
It naturally has a very smooth, bordering on creamy, taste yet it takes cream and sweetener very well. Due to the sweet notes already present, I do not care for it too much, but for those who prefer teeth-achingly sweet teas, this would be a good one for you.

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