Upton’s Supersencha Kamakura

Supersencha Kamakura leaf

If there is one thing I adore, it is finding free samples in my orders. It is even better when it is a tea I would not typically consider ordering.
Upton’s Supersencha Kamakura is a tea that I had not thought of ordering and, actually, did not even know they offered until it showed up on my doorstep. Apparently, this particular tea is produced for the Japanese domestic market (anyone who knows Gideon knows that the excited flailing begins the moment this is stated).

The leaf quality is very lovely, fairly evenly shaped, vivid green in colour with hints of yellow running through the leaves.  It’s smell is strong, yet not overpowering, and amazingly clean – This is perhaps the first green tea I have tried that did not smell similar to freshly cut grass.

Upon brewing this tea turned a striking, almost neon, yellow-green. From experience with lesser grades of green tea I felt a bit disappointed at this. Normally this shade denotes the dreaded grass flavor. Not vegetal, mind you, but more like I wandered out into the yard, grabbed a handful of grass, and stuffed it into the infuser.

However, that was not the flavor this cup produces.
A medium body, this cup is quite light and smooth with a clean flavor that carries well from smell to taste. Vegetal flavors intertwine with an allusion of seaweed along with faint hints of a rather nutty almost sweet notes at the finish.
It is quite a pleasant tea that is well-balanced and memorable. It is most certainly going on my list of favorites, though I am unsure of how often I will drink it. It would be wonderful for spring and summer afternoon tea or with a light seafood meal.

You can find Supersencha Kamakura on Upton for $5.50 (15 gram sample pack/$29.00 for 125 grams).

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